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17 August 2012


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We are delighted to announce that Artichoke co-Director Helen Marriage has been awarded a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

The prestigeous Loeb Fellowship is awarded to individuals working in the area of urban design and planning. Helen's appointment is an acknowledgement of the impact Artichoke has made on the way mass public art events are negotiated and staged.

Founded in 1970 with a gift from John L. Loeb, the Loeb Fellowship was set up to encourage reinvigorated thinking about how our cities and natural environment are designed and planned. The only requirement for Fellows at the end of the award is that they return to their positions and make a real impact on the way that a city or culture is thinking about itself and its purpose.

Starting in September Helen will use the opportunity offered by the Fellowship to explore public perceptions of risk, and the processes of negotiating with several different agencies to deliver complex productions in the public realm.

Helen Marriage, Artichoke co-Director said:
“We have allowed ourselves to become frightened of what is possible by the over-regulation of public space. I want to look at ways in which we can take away people’s anxieties, and show them that temporarily closing a road or digging it up in the pursuit of art is okay. It’s about challenging the consensus that our public spaces are places just for shopping or traffic. I am extremely honoured to have received this award. It is a recognition of the work Artichoke already does, and I want to take some time to explore the intellectual framework around our work and ideas in more depth”.

Helen is now busy programming Artichoke’s 2013 projects before she leaves for her sabbatical.

Nicky Webb, Artichoke co-Director said:
“We are so thrilled about Helen’s Fellowship. It is a tremendous accolade for all that Artichoke has achieved since 2005. It has been an extraordinary time, during which we have grown from a three-person team to an organisation employing 12 full-time people.  With two forthcoming projects in 2013, one following hard on the heels of the other, everyone will be kept busy and we’ll try not to bother Helen too much whilst she’s away! Every project we take on challenges us in new directions and we are looking forward to the insight and ideas for the future that Helen will bring back with her”.

We wish Helen all the very best and look forward to her return next Spring. We'll send you updates of how she is getting on over the pond so stay tuned for news of Helen's adventures.