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17 July 2010


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Mad Songs and Crazy Hair

It’s been two days since The Magical Menagerie opened. We’ve had VIPs galore come for a ride on the carousel – Adrian Evans, the director of the Thames Festival; the great and the good of Milton Keynes, including the Mayor and Monica Ferguson, the director of IF: Milton Keynes International Festival; and even a delegation from Senart, the town who originally commissioned the Menagerie (then known as Le Manege Carre Senart).

But what we haven’t seen thus far is a pair of Spanish street performers with crazy hair, or an operatic duo singing their lungs out in the middle of a car park. As of tomorrow, though, all that will change as Osadia (pronounced ‘Os – ah – dee –ah’) and Operaplayhouse (no, it’s not a typo) descend on The Magical Menagerie.

The selection of these two companies for our Sky Sundays’ entertainment was the result of collaboration between IF: Milton Keynes International Festival and Artichoke’s director Helen Marriage. They wanted to invite companies who were, first and foremost, fun. Helen had seen Osadia in action and thought that they were marvelous and batty and very original. Bill Gee from IF brought Operaplayhouse to the table, adding a touch of comic culture to the proceedings.

We think that they will complement each other, and the Menagerie, really well, as if we’re holding a mini-Festival in the car park! A bit smaller than Lumiere, or IF, but hopefully perfectly formed.

Do you think you’ll come along for one of the Sky Sundays? It’s a 241 deal , so what with that and all the free entertainment going on, do you really need to think about that? And to those who have already had a ride on The Magical Menagerie; what did you make of it?