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Catch up on London’s Burning

16 September 2016

Didn't make it to the festival? Watch videos and listen to a BBC Radio 4 documentary.

The finale of London's BurningLondon 1666, saw a large scale representation of 17th Century London burned on the River Thames. A spectacular finish to the festival, the structure was the result of months of hard work from young Londoners. If you missed this magnificent event you can watch the live stream, presented by Lauren Laverne below: 

Marking 350 years since the Great Fire of London, the festival programme also included a range of artworks that explored the historical and contemporary themes of the Fire. 

Of All The People In All The World by Stan's Cafe:

Holoscenes by Early Morning Opera:

Dominoes saw over 350 volunteers lay 23,000 breezeblocks across the City of London on Saturday 3rd September which were then toppled one by one:

Martin Firrell's Other Fires was projected onto the dome of St Paul's Cathedral and the fly tower of the National Theatre, while Compagnie Carabosse brought their flickering Fire Garden to the front lawn of the Tate Modern. Videos featuring these works will be available on the Artichoke YouTube page soon. You can listen and download podcasts from the talks programme and follow Artichoke's journey to London's Burning by listening to Great Fire 350, a BBC Radio 4 documentary tracing the challenges of making the festival happen.