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Click below to browse our shop. There are lots of new gifts in the LUMIERE section including an Artichoke calendar with features beautiful images of all of our events.

The Magical Menagerie

Menagerie Posters

Designed by Stephen Muntaner, the same artist who painted the poster for 'La Machine' in Liverpool, this stunning creation sums up 'The Magical Menagerie' perfectly: it's quirky, beautiful and would look great in your home.

Menagerie poster - A2 (59cm x 42cm)

£7.00 and £2.50 P+P each (First class)


This colourful t-shirt is the perfect way to remember the first UK production of 'The Magical Menagerie'.

7-8 year old

£8.00 and £3.00 P+P each (First class)

9-10 year old

£8.00 and £3.00 P+P each (First class)

11-12 year old

£8.00 and £3.00 P+P each (First class)


LUMIERE 2011: Photographers’ prints

Artichoke photographer Matthew Andrews’ stunning photographs of Lumiere would make a unique gift. The photos are printed on top-quality photographic paper with a small white border ready for framing. 

12'' x 18''

£20 and £7.00 P+P each (Recorded delivery)

I LOVE DURHAM Shopping Bag

Limited edition cotton shopping bag designed by artist Jacques Rival.

38 x 42cm

£4.00 and £1.50 P+P each (First class)

LUMIERE 2011: Postcards

A6 postcards. 4 designs including a limited edition postcard designed by artist Jaqcues Rival.


£2 and £0.60 P+P each (First class)

La Machine

La Machine Posters

The La Machine poster is a real work of art, painted by the brilliant poster designer Stephan Muntaner, who has worked with La Machine for several years. If you look closely you might be able to find clues to the story hidden in the picture…

La Machine A2 (59cm x 42cm)

£7.00 and £2.50 P+P each (First class)

Printers Proof (102cm x 62cm)

£12.00 and £2.50 P+P each (First class)

The Telectroscope

Artist’s Minumental

The artist has created two limited-edition Minumental Telectroscopes especially for this event.

Each is individually cast in brass and contains a Stanhope Peep. Stanhopes – tiny magnifying lenses - were hugely popular in Victorian times and were often mounted in jewellery or other objects to commemorate achievements or mark anniversaries. The Stanhope inside Paul St George’s Minumental enables the viewer to peep through a small hole and see either Tower Bridge or Brooklyn Bridge, just as in the original Monumental artwork.

Each beautifully packaged Minumental Telectroscope comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, and costs £175 + £7 shipping to anywhere in the world.

Read about Paul St George’s other Minumentals.

Brooklyn Bridge Minumental

£175 and £7.00 P+P each (First class)

Tower Bridge Minumental

£175 and £7.00 P+P each (First class)

Souvenir Box of Delights

As a keepsake, Artichoke has produced a souvenir “box of delights”. Each box contains a set of postcards, a pencil and a commemorative edition of the amazing story of Alexander Stanhope St George, the original inventor of the Telectroscope and the transatlantic tunnel. The story and postcards are beautifully illustrated by Felix Bennett.

Souvenir box

£8.50 and £2.25 P+P each (First class)

The Sultan’s Elephant

Official Poster

Top designers Cog Design created eye-catching artwork for the show in London. You can buy one of our beautiful A1 posters.

(Height: 841mm × Width: 594mm).

Official Poster

£12.00 and £2.50 P+P each (First class)

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