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Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke Hearts is our supporters club, which helps us make accessible and inspiring projects happen. Every donation that we receive, no matter how small, is vital to us.

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I thought The Sultan's Elephant was one of the most glorious things I'd ever seen - it brought four days of sheer joy to the streets of London. Artichoke aims to bring a little magic to our cities, and that's an endeavour I'm delighted to support.

Dame Judi Dench - Patron

I visited Durham City on Sunday night with family and friends and was completely awestruck by the displays. The riverbanks were transformed, the bridges were spectacular and the rooftops sparkled and were a joy to see...'spine tingling'.

Linda, Durham on Lumiere

This is one of the most original pieces of art that I have seen in quite some time. Well pulled off and thought provoking. As someone who is not a regular purveyor of the visual arts, the manner in which this was done is inspiring.

Anonymous audience member on The Telectroscope

What began with mild curiosity, ended up being a full obsession... I'm a writer and I cannot even think of the right words to express the experience - it was beyond stupendous, amazing, and just a bunch of glorious fun. … I was amazed at the joyous spirit that seemed to unify all of London.

Anonymous audience member on The Sultan’s Elephant

Can you spare £3.50 a month to support Artichoke?

There’s no escaping the fact that our events are big in scale, big in ambition, and big in spectacle. Our events are almost always free to enjoy and bring moments of joy and delight to the lives of thousands upon thousands of people around the UK and beyond. But we need your support to make them happen.

As a registered charity, Artichoke relies on Arts Council subsidy and other funding, project sponsors, trusts and foundations, and keen supporters who like what we do. We can’t create our work without the support of any of them. The future of arts funding is uncertain, particularly over the next few years. We need all the help you can offer whilst we figure out a new philanthropic landscape. That’s why we need you, too.

Make a donation today to enjoy the satisfaction of sharing in the creation of events that bring surprise, pleasure and delight to thousands of people. Whatever you can afford, it will make a real difference.

We have several tiers of Heart, all with their own benefits. Simply choose the one that suits you and donate today.


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pay £3.50 a month
or one-off donation of £42 per year

  • Go behind the scenes with invitations to pre-event talks with artists and producers
  • Get the scoop with access to regular updates from Artichoke's Directors
  • Beat the crowds with exclusive priority booking for our ticketed events
  • Be the first to hear information on projects and events by regular email updates and occasional postal mailings
  • Feel warm and fuzzy with our heartfelt thanks in the form of a unique token of our appreciation and an acknowledgement from us on our website


Join now

pay £10 a month
or one-off donation of £120 per year

All the benefits of Seeds, plus:

  • Get the most out of your Artichoke experience with special packages for our events including exclusive deals on accommodation, food and drink, and other cultural experiences
  • Follow in our footsteps with Artichoke Directors' recommendations of great work happening around the globe 
  • Meet and greet artists and collaborators with exclusive invitations to special events
  • Celebrate with us with an invitation to an annual Artichoke Hearts event with Artichoke Directors


Join now

pay £42 a month
or one-off donation of £500 per year

All the benefits of Globes, plus:

  • Celebrate with us with an invitation to opening night parties
  • Experience the whole process with invitations to exclusive receptions or talks about forthcoming projects at their development stage
  • Join the Artichoke family with an invitation to our Artichoke Christmas party
  • No need to lift a finger with your ticket event booking requirements handled directly by Artichoke
  • Get the personal touch with a special guided visit around event sites led by a member of Artichoke staff

All Artichoke Hearts will receive a limited edition enamel badge designed by Antony Gormley exclusively for Artichoke

Project appeal

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If you would rather offer your support on a short-term basis, our Project Appeal offers you the opportunity to give funds to a particular project that we are working on. You might choose to give because the project is visiting your hometown or it might represent something close to your heart. Whatever your reason, giving to the project appeal means that all funds raised will go directly to support an element of that project and no other.

You can give as much or as little as you like safe in the knowledge that you are helping a part of the project happen which otherwise might not. We’ll keep you posted with how the project is developing so you can see the results of your donation.

The money we receive through Artichoke Hearts goes directly towards funding our projects.

Our Artichoke Hearts members

  • Carole Beavis
  • Jo Beggs
  • Judy Bennett
  • John Blackwell
  • Clare Byrnes
  • Jonathan Cooke
  • Sarah Coop
  • Katherine Cullen
  • Peter Chapman
  • Michael Daly
  • Katherine Duerden
  • Richard Elen
  • Pete Starkey & Geraldine Fairfax-Cholmeley
  • Melanie Fiander
  • Lindsay Harrod
  • Ruth Hogarth
  • Hilary Hemming
  • Cathy Hirschmann
  • Peter Hirschmann
  • Edye Hoffmann
  • Mark and Enyd Hutton
  • Sadie Holland
  • Theo Keane
  • Katia Leloutre
  • Kate Lewis
  • Crispin Longden
  • Ian McKay
  • David Micklem
  • Hannah Morrow
  • Sophia Mueller
  • M G Newman
  • Phil Northey
  • Patsy & Mojo Rathbone
  • Soraia Salvador
  • Rebecca Scurlock
  • Justine Simons
  • Dale Southfield
  • JoJo Tyhurst
  • Juliette Wilson
  • Robert Ziegler
  • Clive Attard
  • Robert Chaplin
  • Terry Corby
  • Sir Jeremy Dixon
  • Helen Ewen
  • Jon Gisby
  • Debbie Holmes
  • Helen Janecek
  • Ghislaine & Nick Kenyon
  • Richard Kitson
  • Cecilia Lagier
  • Andrew Macdonald
  • Helen Marriage
  • Will Marriage
  • Rupert Sebag-Montefiore
  • Antoinette Sherratt
  • Hannah Musisi
  • Gerald Rothman
  • Annie Tyhurst
  • Stephen Valentine
  • Kathie Way
  • Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
  • Jan Boud
  • Tony & Jane Elliott
  • Stephanie Flanders
  • Jonathan & Julia Hall
  • Lord Clive Hollick
  • George Kessler
  • Jeremy O'Sullivan
  • Fraser Peett
  • Daniel Peltz
  • Cody Smith
  • Sarah Weir
  • Tamsin Wimhurst