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The Future of European Collaboration: A Cultural Symposium

21–20 February 2012, Europe House, 32 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3EU

This cultural symposium was hosted by Artichoke to mark the culmination of Lux Scientia: a successful trans-national alliance across three European light festivals in 2011. Producers and art-makers from around Europe joined us for a series of conversations exploring the future of international artistic collaborations across Europe.

In 2011 Artichoke, producers of LUMIERE in Durham UK, collaborated with Skyway Festival in Poland, and Valgusfestival in Estonia to create a shared programme of work: Lux Scientia. Three artists, Simeon Nelson (UK), Domink Lejman (Poland), and Leonardo Meigas (Estonia), worked with scientists to create installations presented across each festival exploring the relationship between art and science.

This symposium brought together these artists in conversation with Helen Marriage, co-Director of Artichoke and curator of LUMIERE, to discuss how the co-production influenced the development and interpretation of their work. We were delighted to host visitors from other major European light festivals who, as a discussion panel, explored how future collaborations across Europe may be developed. We also heared from the European Culture Fund on how to develop ideas and source funding for all types of artistic co-productions across Europe.

You can hear the sessions from the symposium by clicking the players below.


  • Jean-Francois Zurawik, La Fête des Lumières à Lyon
  • Mario Caeiro, curator of Luzboa 2004-2006, Lisbon, and Lux Scientia
  • Dominik Lejman (Poland), Leonardo Meigas (Estonia) and Simeon Nelson (UK), the Lux Scientia artists
  • Robbert ten Caten, Glow, Eindhoven
  • Representatives from Skyway, Torun, Valgusfestival, Tallinn and Lumiere, Durham
  • Gisella Gellini, Italian academic and art-light curator

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