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The Gardens of England

12–13 November 2010, Eden Project, Cornwall

With country-house owners across the land increasingly mounting music festivals and creating sculpture parks as a way of turning a profit, the debate explored whether such events provide a lifeline for our rural populations, or whether they’re nothing more than a blot on the landscape. 

Artichoke collaborated with Sky Arts to mount a series of discussions about the nature and use of public space.  The Gardens of England was the third and final salon in the series, and took place in the inspiring surroundings of the Eden Project in Cornwall.

An active audience joined us and our panel to examine the effects of dividing natural environments for temporary celebrations and whether the pros of uniting cultural communities and raising the profile of local economies really outweigh the cons of environmental and social impact in rural settings.

The event was chaired by curator and broadcaster Tim Marlow.  


Maggie Bolt
Director of Maggie Bolt Associates, a multidisciplinary public art consultancy

Bill Mitchell
Artistic Director, Wildworks

Peter Randall-Page

Juliet Ross-Kelly
Company Director, EcoAction Partnership

Tim Marlow (Chair)
Curator and Broadcaster

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