We work closely with corporate organisations and businesses.

Our shows attract large audiences and generate significant media coverage across the UK and beyond.

View our brochure below to find out about our story and how you can support our work:

We create tailored partnerships that embed our sponsors at the heart of our events, delivering against a range of business objectives. Partners have access to private moments, preview opportunities and a sense that they are investing in anew ideas as they work with us on events that will stay in the audience’s memory forever.

Working with Artichoke demonstrates your commitment to groundbreaking arts events and we offer packages for even the smallest of companies. 

Gala Dinner, LUMIERE 2013, produced by Artichoke in Durham

We are in a unique position to offer:

  • Increased visibility through sponsor crediting and brand association

  • Audience engagement

  • A track record of regional, national and international media exposure

  • Digital presence and engagement

  • Exclusive opportunities for client entertaining

  • Commercial merchandising including brand sampling and licensing opportunities to help market a new product, build customer perception, relationships and loyalty

  • Community outreach, in line with Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

  • Volunteering and staff engagement opportunities

  • Bespoke employee packages and networking opportunities


For more information on our forthcoming projects and to discuss how you can partner with Artichoke, please contact:

Liz McCarthy

Development Director


+44 (0) 20 7650 7611