With less than 48 hours to go until the HERD takes over St George’s Sq in Huddersfield, here’s what to look and listen out for this weekend

HERD is a musical and sculptural odyssey of epic proportions. Devised by composer Orlando Gough and produced by Artichoke for Kirklees Year of Music, HERD brings together artists, musicians and hundreds of schoolchildren and community members. The sheep sing soundscapes and music made by all these participants, recorded over the last 12 months, and if you haven’t seen them already, you can see them all perform live at the finale this Sunday 16 July

Visit the Plan Your Visit page for more information on how to find the HERD. 

Bumfitt, one of the HERD sheep sculptures, at Castle Hill.
Bumfitt at Castle Hill on 12 July. HERD 2023, devised by Orlando Gough, produced by Artichoke, part of Kirklees Year of Music Photo by Matthew Andrews.

Over the last 4 days, 22 larger-than-life singing sheep, unlike any you’ve seen or heard before, have appeared alone and in small groups across Kirklees, as they head to St George’s Square, Huddersfield, to join the Mother Sheep.

Except one of the sheep isn’t following the rest of the HERD: Jiggit, a Vivienne Westwood-inspired punk sheep with a soundscape made by young musicians (aged up to 19 yrs) from Kirklees, has been roaming wild across the district since Tuesday, 11 July.

Jiggit, the punk sheep sculpture, in the HERD workshop.
Inside the HERD Workshop. HERD 2023, devised by Orlando Gough, produced by Artichoke, part of Kirklees Year of Music 2023. Photo by Mark Leeming, The Pull © LOW RES 8

Today, some of the HERD will travel on vehicles through the towns of Batley, Dewsbury and Cleckheaton on their way to join Aina, the Mother Sheep, and the rest of the HERD in St George’s Square, Huddersfield. The timings below are approximate and subject to change:

Cleckheaton 12.00 -12.50

Heckmondwike 13.00 – 13.30

Batley 13.30 – 14.30

Dewsbury 14.45 – 15.45

Mirfield 15.45 – 16.20

Huddersfield – 16.30, with arrivals in St George’s Square from 17.00

This evening, the HERD will arrive at St George’s Square and sing themselves to sleep before the grand finale on Sunday 16 July.

Hant, one of the HERD sheep sculptures, on a floating dock.
Hant at The Old Mill on 12 July, HERD 2023, devised by Orlando Gough, produced by Artichoke, part of Kirklees Year of Music. Photo by Matthew Andrews.

Come and see the whole HERD in all their glorious diversity in St George’s Square this Sunday, 16 July from 12:00 and stay for the free-to-attend grand finale featuring over 350 musicians, choirs and bands performing live from 17:00 – 18:00. You do not need a ticket to attend.

Read or listen to our interview with the artist and maker responsible for designing the singing sheep sculptures, Dave Young.

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HERD is produced by Artichoke as part of Kirklees Year of Music. The project is supported by Kirklees Council, Arts Council England, National Lottery Heritage Fund, West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Canal and River Trust, One Community and Leonard Curtis.