The Gallery invites artists from around the world to make art in response to the theme ‘No But Where Are You Really From?’

The Gallery, Season 2 exhibited 11 powerful artworks on billboards and digital screens across the UK in the first two months of 2023 . It was seen over 120 million times! Watch the behind-the-scenes film on our YouTube Channel for an insight into the impact of the project.

Applications for Season 3 are now open. In the third season of this major project, The Gallery continues with its mission to stimulate debate about the important questions of our time. We’re looking for artists to respond to the theme ‘No But Where Are You Really From?’. Apply for the Open Call here.

We live in a globalised world of international travel and mass migration. Over the centuries people, animals, plants and pathogens have continuously crisscrossed the Earth’s oceans and continents. So, what part does place still play in identity?

The Gallery’s Season 3 theme encourages artists to ask timely questions about origin, inclusivity, belonging, transition and exchange. The theme also invites artists to consider what it feels like to be excluded or denied on the one hand, and accepted and embraced on the other.

A bus shelter screen of the artwork ‘Care’ (2021) by Dola Posh in Manchester. A black woman sits atop her bed with a toddler sat cross-legged in front of her. She is wearing a floral robe with a burgundy head wrap. The woman combs out her daughter's afro and puts it into twists.
‘Care’ (2021) by Dola Posh. The Gallery, Season 2, 2023. Produced by Artichoke. Photo by Chris Payne. Parker St, Manchester. Landscape

What you get

Commissioned artists receive:

  • A fee of £2,000
  • Support from Creative Director Martin Firrell
  • Support from our exhibition Guest Curator Bakul Patki
  • An international platform to exhibit work including through the dedicated website at
  • The services of a designer to format the artwork for digital and print if required
  • Costs of production, mounting, and leasing of the advertising spaces
  • Selected photographic documentation of the artwork displayed outdoors
  • Scheduled online meet-ups with fellow contributing artists and team
  • Participation in online discussion regarding making art for the public realm
  • Invitation to exhibition launch in September 2023. 
A billboard of CRY (2022) by Allyson Packer overlooking a busy road at night. A barren landscape. A freight train can barely be seen in the distance. A road sign in the foreground reads 'CR Y'.
CRY (2022) by Allyson Packer. The Gallery, Season 2, 2023. Produced by Artichoke.

The deadline for submissions is: 23:59 BST, Sunday 23 April 2023

Apply for the Season 3 Open Call

We’re very happy to answer any questions. Get in touch if you need:

  • Any help with completing your application
  • This information in a different format
  • To apply in a different format

Contact us: +44 20 7650 7611 (Mon–Fri, 10:00⁠⁠–18:00) or

The Gallery is an Artichoke Project conceived in collaboration with Creative Director, Martin Firrell

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