• The Monument
  • Broadgate Welcome Centre
  • RBS, Bishopsgate
  • Fuller's pubs
  • The Barbican
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  • Matt Brown
  • Simon Callow


  • Helen Marriage

    Director, Artichoke

  • Lars Jan

    Artistic Director, Early Morning Opera

  • Judith Knight

    Co-Director, ArtsAdmin

  • Becci Bryant

    Chief Fire Officer, Staffordshire

  • Ed Galea

    Founding Director, Fire Safety Engineering Group

  • Rebecca Rideal

    Television producer and writer

  • Joshua Levine

    Actor and writer

  • Miranda Aldhouse-Green

    Professor of Archaeology, Cardiff University

  • Joanna Moncrieff

    London tour guide

  • Peter Berthoud

    London guide and writer

  • Pete Brown


  • Philip Collins

    Journalist and speechwriter

  • John Drury

    Deputy Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange, University of Sussex's School of Psychology

  • Suzanne O'Sullivan

    Neurology Consultant and writer

  • Andrew Michael Hurley


  • Tracy Borman

    Chief Curator, Historic Royal Palaces

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From historic sites, financial hubs, buildings that survived the Blitz and some of the City’s best-loved pubs, the London’s Burning talks explored how cities past and present have responded to crisis.