We’re delighted to announce that we have appointed Ma’ayan Plane as Artichoke’s new Director of Development, replacing the wonderful Liz McCarthy

Ma’ayan Plane will step up as Artichoke’s new Director of Development, as Liz McCarthy to become Director of Development at Chichester Festival Theatre.


Ma’ayan was previously Artichoke’s Deputy Director of Development. She first joined Artichoke in 2010 and subsequently held roles at the Institute of Contemporary Arts and Children & the Arts before returning to Artichoke in 2017.

I’m really happy to be taking up the role at this time with so many exciting projects under development. Knowing Artichoke as well as I do, I’m ready to start work on reaching the ambitious fundraising targets as well as be a part of the senior leadership team.

~ Ma’ayan Plane ~

We’re really sad to see Liz go, but certain that she’ll be a huge asset to Chichester Festival Theatre as she has been to Artichoke. Ma’ayan has been an incredible Deputy Director of Development over the past five years and we’re delighted that she’s agreed to step up to lead the fundraising team. Her unparalleled knowledge of the way Artichoke works, the shifting funding landscape, and her wider experience forged within the sector, all make her the perfect choice for this challenging job.

~ Helen Marriage ~

To find out more about careers at Artichoke as well as our upcoming projects, please get in touch at artichoke@artichoke.uk.com.