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One & Other

06 July – 15 October 2009, Trafalgar Square, London

Antony Gormley’s marathon One & Other invited 2,400 ordinary people from all over the UK to occupy the empty Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for an hour each.

Watch Antony Gormley's One and Other: 100 Days from Stephen Archbold on Vimeo.

Antony Gormley invited Artichoke to produce his epic commission for Trafalgar Square’s ‘empty’ fourth plinth in July 2009. The idea: to place 2400 people from across the UK on the plinth for an hour each. Trafalgar Square is one of the most symbolic places in the country. By taking their place amongst military figures the ‘plinthers’ came to represent humanity itself.

One & Other was open to anyone who was over the age of 16 living or staying in the UK. A computer chose participants based a proportional geographical spread and a gender split.

Every hour, 24 hours a day, for 100 days, 2400 people sang, campaigned, performed, undressed or simply stood on the plinth. Thousands watched them from the Square. Even more tuned in to watch the live stream on the website, provided by our partners Sky Arts.There were over 35,000 applicants for the 2400 slots. The website has received 8.8 million hits to date, by over 800,000 individuals.

One & Other will have a legacy beyond the summer of 2009. Random House is producing a 700-page book, which will be published in late 2010. The British Library is ensuring that the website will remain online for perpetuity and the Wellcome Trust will be archiving details of all participants. Not only was this the event of the summer; it will provide a snapshot of British society at the end of the decade.

You can find out more about Antony Gormley at www.antonygormley.com.

Website: www.oneandother.co.uk


In partnership with

Supported by

  • JCB
  • National Portrait Gallery
  • Philips
  • Cass Art
  • The Trafalgar Hotel
  • Urban Wimax
  • Water Wellpoint
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Anonymous
  • Annoushka Ayton
  • Lord and Lady Bernstein
  • Miel de Botton Aynsley
  • Cass Arts
  • Dominic Gamble
  • Candida and Zak Gertler
  • Paul Grabsky and Amanda Wilkie
  • Harry Marlow and Freddy Marlow
  • Anne McNally
  • Julian and Hermione Power
  • Nicola Reed
  • Ondine de Rothschild and Ariane Dandois
  • Maurice Segal
  • Nadja Swarovski
  • Sue Whiteley at Louis Vuitton
  • John Wynn

Operational partners

  • Westminster City Council
  • GLA/Trafalgar Square team
  • Unusual Services Ltd


I'm inspired by Antony Gormley's incredibly inclusive and fitting project. Until the 4th plinth, London's ceremonial artefacts were dominated by the ruling elite be they political or military. Gormley's One and Other finally celebrates the people themselves and puts them right up there, where they belong.

Journalist Jon Snow on One & Other

For me, if there is any proof that Gormley’s idea was worth pursuing it is the fact that, even today, some pundits have been rubbed up the wrong way by it. Don’t they understand that not all art has to be about the greatness of the artist, or in this case, even of those who want to get involved? Sometimes the point of art is to step outside – or above – daily life. To look differently at

The Observer, 19 July 2009

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