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A photo of the billboard launch. The artwork showcased is Martin Firrell's response to the Season 1 theme.
The Gallery, brainchild of arts producers Artichoke and creative director Martin Firrell. Season 1, 2022. Photo by Yves Salmon. Borough High Street.

The Gallery is on the street and in your face, without walls and with plenty of attitude.

Launched in partnership with the Out-of-Home advertising industry, including Clear Channel and JCDecaux.

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The UK’s largest ever outdoor art exhibition asked: What does ‘Straight White Male’ mean in 2022?

Launching The Gallery with these three words could not be timelier. Taken together they could be thought to be incendiary, but the different artistic responses offer a much more interesting and nuanced view.

Much has been said about masculinity and its toxicity, about who holds the power and whose voices are most heard. We’re setting out to break down traditional barriers to experiencing great art, connecting it to urgent themes that impact daily lives.

~ Helen Marriage, CEO and Creative Director ~

The Season 1 wrap film. Filmed by Redcap Productions, Fluxx Films, Simon Chmiewliski and Shelbourne Films Ltd. Edited by Patrick Bethell.

Manspreading, Menstruation and Mansplaining.

Founded on a belief that art should be democratic, accessible and engaging, The Gallery aims to reach millions of Brits, showcasing exciting new work by diverse artists no matter where they are in the world.

10 artworks were exhibited across our four nations in towns and cities large and small and reaching millions of people over a four-week period: from Bournemouth to Belfast and Margate to Manchester, including Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. 

The Gallery is supported by the Out-of-Home* advertising industry and other funders and supporters including Clear Channel and JCDecaux. The project aims to make art truly accessible in an outdoor gallery that thrusts thought-provoking pieces into the heart of public conversations. Produced by Artichoke, The Gallery sets out to nurture and develop early and mid-career artists, giving them a platform and guidance on producing art in the public realm.

*The term Out-of-Home refers to any visual advertising media found outside of the home, including on-street billboards, digital screens, bus-shelters and train stations.



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Black and white portrait photo of artist Martin Firrell
Artist Profile

Martin Firrell

Martin Firrell is a British public artist whose works challenge unjust power systems of all kinds, including patriarchal power, the oppression of women and non-heterosexuals, and the heteronormative status quo. He uses language to engage directly with the public, provoking dialogue about more equitable social organisation. The artist’s reported aim is ‘to make the world more humane’.

His work has been summarised as ‘art as debate’.

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Nichola Irvine’s artwork, ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Bleeding’ going up on display on Clifton Street in Belfast. Video by Sean Duncan of Redcap Productions.