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‘Does This Answer Your Question’ (2023) by Yasmin Nicholas. The Gallery, Season 3, 2023. Produced by Artichoke. Portrait - Mass Media - Reading Kennet Island
‘Does This Answer Your Question’ (2023) by Yasmin Nicholas. The Gallery, Season 3, 2023. Produced by Artichoke. Portrait - Mass Media - Reading Kennet Island

Season 3 of The Gallery is live!

From 4 September 2023, look out for 11 powerful  artworks, which will be exhibited on thousands of outdoor billboards and digital screens across the four nations of the UK. They are all part of The Gallery, a cultural institution conceived by Artichoke, in collaboration with public artist Martin Firrell, that aims to challenge traditional models of viewing art, by bringing it to you. The Gallery is the result of a unique partnership with the UK advertising industry including the industry leaders, Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Alight Media

Our mission is to make art accessible through bold and unafraid exhibitions that appear as part of people’s daily lives.
*The term Out-of-Home refers to any visual advertising media found outside of the home, including on-street billboards, digital screens, bus-shelters and train stations.


“I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked where I’m really from, so I know first-hand how relevant this season’s theme still is today.

Bakul Patki, Guest Curator, The Gallery

No But Where Are You Really From? 

We live in a globalised world of international travel and mass migration. Over the centuries, peoples, animals, plants and pathogens have continuously crisscrossed the Earth’s oceans and continents. So, what part does place still play in identity?  

The Gallery’s Season 3 theme encourages artists to ask timely questions aboutorigin, inclusivity, belonging, transition and exchange.The theme also invites artists to consider what it feels like to be excluded or denied on the one hand, and accepted and embraced on the other. 

This is an opportunity for artistic exposure on a grand scale and to be part of the national debate. The Gallery, Season 2 exhibited 11 powerful artworks on billboards and digital screens across the UK from Bournemouth to the first two months of 2023 . It was seen over 120 million times. 

Applications for Season 3 have now closed.

Guest Curator

Portrait photo of Bakul Patki
Artist Profile

Bakul Patki

Bakul Patki is a freelance curator, creative producer and cultural consultant specialising in fine art, photography, design and architecture. 

She works independently and for organisations to devise, develop and deliver projects with individual artists, studios, institutions, festivals, and charities, as well as brands who have an interest in working with and supporting creativity. 

She is passionate about bringing art into the public realm – extending its reach and amplifying its impact by removing physical, political and perceived barriers. 

Over her career she has curated and produced exhibitions, installations, performances and panels, at a number of prestigious locations; including Royal Hampton Court Palace; Somerset House; Piccadilly Circus; the Photo Museum of Ireland in Dublin; The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest; and Documenta 15 in Kassel (collateral).

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