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There is no single or simple definition of a woman.

I hope the different perspectives presented by our artists will inspire viewers to consider the plurality of womanhood, and thereby encourage understanding and empathy towards those whose lives are shaped differently from their own.

Bakul Patki, Curator, The Gallery ~

An image of a digital screen in showing the artwork ‘One Is Not Born, But Rather Becomes A Woman’ (2024), Rachael House.

A Real Woman

Now in its fourth season, The Gallery presents the UK’s biggest public exhibition, with works displayed on thousands of digital screens and billboards across the UK.

The Gallery is a new kind of cultural institution, developed by Artichoke in partnership with public artist Martin Firrell.

The project is supported by the leading players in the UK Out-of-Home* advertising sector, including Clear Channel, JCDecaux and Alight Media.

*The term Out-of-Home refers to any visual advertising media found outside of the home, including on-street billboards, digital screens, bus-shelters and train stations.

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Addressing gender identity, health disparity, the domestic realm, and feminism

What does it really mean to be a woman? How do women see themselves – in relation to each other and to the rest of the world?   

How does a woman decide the kind of woman she is? Who’s looking? Who’s judging? What insight might the experience of transgender women provide? 

We asked to hear from any artist who identified in any way, if they felt they had artistic insight to share. Season 4 of The Gallery garnered nearly 900 responses, of which 11 works by international artists were commissioned to explore the theme ‘A Real Woman’.

The 11 artworks in Season 4 constitute a nuanced narrative about what it may or may not mean to be ‘a real woman’. The power of the billboard is its ubiquity, showing these thought-provoking ideas to everyone, everywhere

~ Martin Firrell, Creative Director ~

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