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Light, Art, the Universe and Everything

Image of SOLAR EQUATION, an installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

A one-day conference for the curious at Lumiere 2015 in Durham.

The Power of Cultural Disruption

An occasional series of conversations led by Loeb Fellow and creative producer Helen Marriage exploring how cultural events can disrupt daily life and transform our cities.

The Future of European Collaboration: A Cultural Symposium

This cultural symposium was hosted by Artichoke to mark the culmination of Lux Scientia: a successful trans-national alliance across three European light festivals in 2011. Producers and art-makers from around Europe joined us for a series of conversations exploring the future of international artistic collaborations across Europe.

The Gardens of England

With country-house owners across the land increasingly mounting music festivals and creating sculpture parks as a way of turning a profit, the debate explored whether such events provide a lifeline for our rural populations, or whether they’re nothing more than a blot on the landscape. 

City Limits

The second public conversation about the nature and use of public space in the Sky Arts Artichoke Salon Series. 

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